Author: Glenn P Wallis

  • Chief concern

    What do former British Prime Ministers, William Lamb and Winston Churchill, have in common with sentiments from the French National Convention of 1793 and Spiderman’s alter ego, Peter Parker?   Well, with great sagacity, they have all declared their own version of the now popular internet meme, “With great power comes great responsibility.” When such […]

  • Why do leaders stop leading?

    Brilliant functional leaders who head up their own teams of high performers often share an observable trait: They stop leading when they come together in a group with their peers, e.g. at their regular senior leadership team meetings. We see it. Too often. Why do leaders stop leading? From our data and experience of nearly […]

  • Adapt or Don’t. Succeed or Fail.

    Adaptation as Success This idea of adaptation seems to be the zeitgeist, the trend. So, with that in mind, if we were going to make a case for adaptation as success, what importance would it have for those who want to lead themselves and others successfully? This was a question I recently asked of Success […]

  • Why I encourage you to adopt a self-centred leadership style

    You are the vehicle for your leadership. Think about that for just a short while and you will know that to be true: When you are feeling unwell, what impacts does it have on your leadership? If you are fully fit and healthy, well rested and focused, then how do you manifest leadership (of yourself […]

  • Preparing to succeed

    Some sunkissed, sun-lounger moments over the last few weeks will doubtless have been spent thinking about the start of the final third of 2019 and how to prepare best for a strong finish to the year. What better time to share with you a summary of the key insights provided by Olympian and Paralympian coach, […]

  • Coaching future leaders

    The more the Glenn P Wallis team coach senior leaders, the more we believe that coaching should also be available at an earlier stage in a leader’s career, especially for those identified as ‘talent’ for future leadership roles. These future leaders would often benefit from improved confidence, greater self-awareness, increased leadership skills and higher role […]