Developing a Coaching Culture

What is it?

Commonly referred to as ‘leader as coach’, Glenn P Wallis works with organisations to help create a Coaching Culture. This is a culture where all leaders are equipped and encouraged to include coaching within their leadership skills and styles.
Almost certainly designed to your specific organisation, previous programmes have typically included:

  • Two-day plus one day ‘classroom’ sessions, supported by Compact Coaching® pre, post and during the sessions
  • Sessions in multiples of four delegates, with input and observed practice
  • Personal development work between sessions
  • Delivered over four to six weeks
  • Post programme debrief and report to organisation

Who is it for?

We believe that leaders of all levels should be developed with coaching capability, and that the earlier this development starts, the better. Any leader can be encouraged to adopt a coaching style.

What results can we expect?

For the leader, benefits include:

  • Increased leadership skills
  • Improved confidence to lead
  • More engaged staff
  • Team performance improvement

For the organisation, the benefits include:

  • New transferable skillset
  • Increased leadership capability
  • Multiplying effects across organisation
  • Culture focused on coaching and improvement
  • Higher likelihood of change programme adoption
  • Performance improvements in all areas

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