Group Coaching for Excellence

Thoughtful leaders bring a wisdom and a quality to organisations that results in value being created far beyond the reaches of their own function and team. Thoughtful does not equate to slow. In our experience, thoughtful leaders make the right decisions first-time, more often than others. They also galvanise the effort of others people in the organisation far more effectively than leaders who think and reflect less. We simply call their approach: excellence.

The current reality

If you are an HRD, Head of either L&D or Talent you will recognise the challenges with the current reality: many managers and leaders are overwhelmed and too many of them act first and rarely spend the time planning, reflecting and thinking. Too late. Damage done.

Other leaders can get so caught up in the thinking they never act.

Excellent leaders can assimilate situations quickly, gather data from a wide range of sources, decide, then act. They have strong networks within and beyond their organisations where they can share ideas and co-create responses quickly. The best leaders don’t get dragged into the detail, at least not for longer than necessary. They have high trust for those around them.

Coaching for Excellence and Impact

Coaching is able to facilitate a wide range of positive results for a diverse group of people. At Glenn P Wallis, we wanted to employ coaching to help managers and leaders achieve their key business impacts, lead excellently over the long-term and develop a trusted, broad network of some of the highest quality peers they could access.

Our new Group Coaching solution brings together up to 5 managers and leaders from a range of sectors*, once per month, for remote, facilitated peer-coaching, using our proprietary Concise Coaching ™ approach. Critical business challenges are tackled and key impacts delivered.  Leadership and confidence improves. Thoughtfulness develops.

next Group Coaching programmes … Week of 19th October 2020

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