High Impact Teams

What do Teams need now?

Great teams, full of wonderful individuals, power incredible organisations. As much as individual contributors add to an organisation’s success, brilliant teams multiply their value. Creating consistently high performing teams that work well both independently and together, is the model of a great organisation. But since the last major economic transformation of 2008, the world has been moving a lot faster and, especially in 2020, has been subject to much more violent transitions. Whilst the best teams can work through crises like this, many fail to cope with the new transition sufficiently quickly and instead of adding value to their organisation, demolish it.

So long, certainty. Hello next normal.

The challenge for organisations trying to support teams undergoing these transitions, be that the CHRO, Head of Learning and Development or the assigned HR Business Partner, is that existing team coaching models were borne in an era of steady-state. Team coaching products are often pulled from a shelf and applied cookie-cutter-style, without sufficient sensitivity to the team’s context, people and the impacts that need to be delivered for the organisation and its customers.

Here, at Glenn P Wallis we are relative latecomers to the Team Coaching party. Normally, our competitive side would be more than a little aggrieved at having missed out on the opportunities that can accrue from being first to market, with an exciting new product. But in this case, we’re ok with it. We like to think of ourselves as fashionably late. Indeed, if we were a more extrovert bunch of designers and coaches, we might suggest we’re actually making a bit of a statement entrance.

You see, it took us nearly two years to get ready for this particular event.

We took our time. We are keen to make a good impression…ok, enough with that metaphor.

In short: We have researched, designed, created and tested a new team coaching solution that fits specific teams in specific situations.

Do you have teams in your organisation who are experiencing the kinds of transition listed below?  

  • a new leader heading a senior team
  • a significant business transformation
  • a pan-organisation project to deliver
  • a merger with another team
  • a crisis to navigate successfully

If one or more of these describes teams in your organisation, then the approach we have created is ideal for you. We have isolated four key components that if your team focus on delivering excellently, ensure business critical impacts are delivered quickly and sustainably.

Our small team of experts has over sixty years of experience working with senior leaders and their teams.

We need evidence

We combined our wide-ranging backgrounds with academic research and practitioner literature, to ensure our own unique solutions are designed with the weight of evidence behind them. And through several iterations, trialled with live customers, over a two-year period, we have refined our team solution enabling every unique team going through its own distinctive transition, to develop in original, dynamic and effective ways, to deliver business results.

If you want to help teams in your organisation successfully negotiate the increasingly common transitions required to thrive in the current world of work, we would love to invite you to dance.  

If you would like to know more please contact us here.