Executive leadership coaching

Executive coaching allows the space, time and challenge for leaders to develop. With a proven record of helping busy leaders maximise the time they use away from the desk, high quality leadership coaching, done well, provides individuals and their businesses with improved results.

Making the most of coaching

Some examples of when to exploit executive leadership coaching:

  • When a member of the ‘talent’ pool is ready for a promotion
  • When a leader takes on a new role, larger remit etc.
  • When the organisation wants to provide support for leaders going through a significant change initiative
  • When a leader is wrestling with some element of themselves that is getting in the way of being the best leader they can be


Coaching with Wallis Partnership Ltd

Glenn P Wallis is one of the very few Executive Coaches in the world who has completed a Doctorate in Coaching and Mentoring. Completing the highest level of academic study possible has provided Glenn with a depth of insight into coaching that is rare. Rarer still, he uses that insight in a highly practical way. He would be the first to tell you he isn’t an academic. He prides himself in helping leaders thrive.

Wallis Partnership Ltd currently has a team of 12 highly experienced leadership coaches that allows clients flexibility and the certainty that their leaders will find a client that is a good match for their needs.