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When leaders develop a clear sense of their own identity, their organisation’s performance flourishes. Leader iD is the award-winning best-selling leadership development book and online programme from Glenn and his co-author David Pilbeam. ​ Leader iD enables readers to discover their leadership profile and be the leader they aspire to be.​

Leader iD is based on Glenn and David’s experience of coaching and developing senior leaders who have grown to excel in their organisations. Filled with pragmatic advice, practical guidance and helpful insights, Leader iD has received praise from around the globe.

“Extremely practical – it gives pragmatic insights into your leadership ‘persona’ and suggestions on how to become the inspiring leader we all strive to be.”DANA BORN, PhD​, BRIGADIER GENERAL​, US AIR FORCE, RETIRED

“Simple, easy to understand and genuinely thought-provoking way to improve your leadership.”DAREN WOODS​, GLOBAL HEAD OF HUMAN RESOURCES​, EDF TRADING


Leader iD is ideal for any new, aspiring or developing leader keen to understand more about their own leadership style and develop their skills. It includes a Free Personalised Leadership Profile to help readers establish their strengths and areas for future development. Easy-to-read chapters enable leaders to consume and reflect on practical guidance and insight, by developing their own leadership identity.

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The Leader iD online Leadership Development Programme is a comprehensive follow-up to the book presented in practical easy-to-follow modules. Leader iD online includes 45 helpful podcasts, nine informative videos and a detailed workbook with deep-dive exercises to make the learning stick. Packed with practical guidance and helpful insights, Leader iD online can provide a low-cost, easy-to-implement development programme for you or your leadership team, delivered at the touch of a button.​

It can also be combined with in-house group and one-to-one coaching sessions from Leader iD experts to create a unique in-house Leadership Development Programme.

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Leader iD – Be the Leader you aspire to be.