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Monthly events for leaders to learn and network with like-minded people who are determined to lead themselves and others effectively.

We hold monthly events on the last Wednesday in the month that you can attend free-of-charge. In January we hold the first webinar of the year that sets the scene for the year’s programme. In February we hold the first live event in London where more than 50 leaders, HR and L&D professionals come to participate in a live panel event on a particular topic. We continue this alternating pattern – webinar then live event – throughout the year.

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S4 Ep3 Digital Leadership in Uncertain Times with Alex Mecklenburg

As we all head into uncharted waters with the current global pandemic (as at March 2020) it was both re-assuring and enlightening to have Alex Mecklenburg come and share her experience and expertise in the space of Digital Leadership, mindful of the current backdrop. In the video attached you can see the whole webinar. For the Success Live! Event at the end of April 2020, subscribe to Success iD on Eventbrite to stay updated on everything we are doing for our community.

Digital Leadership