Speaking & Writing

For keynote speaking with energy and serious challenges to your thinking Glenn is the speaker of choice.

When you need to rally your leadership population for an organisation-wide change programme, ensure that new behaviours are going to embed fully or to prompt people to think about the future of work, then Glenn provides an engaging range of speaking topics that are adapted to your specific requirements.

Speaking topics

  1. The future challenges for leaders
  2. Becoming a Leader of Character (Based on material in forthcoming book: Leaders of Character – A Playbook for Successful Leadership in Challenging Times)
  3. Becoming a Talented Performer (Based on material in: How to Become a Talented Performer)
  4. A question of coaching: A case for adding coaching skills into your leadership toolkit.
  5. Leadership: It’s (nearly) all about you.

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Glenn co-authored with good friend and fellow leadership consultant David Pilbeam, “How to become a talented performer: A formula for early career success.”  This book has been well received by Universities and large organisations who are preparing people for succeeding in the workplace. It is available at Amazon here.

David and Glenn are collaborating again and mid-2018 will publish a leadership book that is set to change the way busy leaders develop themselves and ensure great business results.


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