Success iD

Let’s imagine, your job is to ensure specific individuals in your organisation thrive. You are accountable for success in Talent, Leaders, and/or Teams. You know you want to provide the highest quality support but the marketplace is full of companies providing re-hashed, tired and frankly un-original programmes. You want someone you can trust to deliver great programmes that make immediate and lasting change. Look no further than our suite of products: Success iD

Talent iD: For new starters – Graduates and Apprentices, based on our research-based book “How to become a Talented Performer: A formula for early career success” Purchase a copy at 

Leader iD: For established leaders who need to develop increased agility and comfort with the ever-present nature of organisational change combined with a high performance focus.

Team iD: Developing highly effective teams using a unique team coaching model.

Coach iD: For external and internal coaches who just want to rock! This is our powerful approach to becoming a highly advanced developmental coach of other human beings.

Through a thoroughly research based approach we can provide benchmarks of where individuals are at the start of a programme and show you (and your stakeholders) how much progress they have made via our unique diagnostic tools, that help form the basis of our programmes. Supported with the highest quality coaching individuals work towards a known set of criteria that will ensure their success and yours.

For more information about any of our Success iD products contact Glenn here