Leaders: an organisation’s most valuable asset

Leaders impact all areas of a business. Good leaders impact it positively; others can create a situation where there is low staff engagement, high turnover, poor customer service and a culture within which nobody is able to do their very best work. Glenn Wallis is asked by organisations to help them develop leaders of the positive type who have high performance expectations and can couple that with deeply human elements. At Wallis Partnership Ltd we refer to these people as “Leaders of Character.”

There are key transitions that leaders make over their lifetime in organisations and all create challenges for leaders, whether you are moving to the Executive Suite or moving out of your first job to be leading others for the first time. Regardless of status within an organisation Glenn Wallis is able to work with the situations leaders find themselves and ensure that they develop in a way that produces highly effective, performance-focused leaders who lead in a way that gets the very best out of others. Leaders of character balance an output focus with an approach that is highly mindful of the people being asked to produce such outputs.

Fluff-free and with plenty of original, challenging thinking, Glenn is able to engage leaders to deliver outstanding results for themselves, those they lead and the organisations within which they are working. No surprise that so many of Glenn’s clients get promoted as a result of some of the work that he does with them!


#LeadLikeYouLoveIt is a movement to promote the idea that great leadership is a noble end in its own right. Once you pass from being a technical expert, your task is to develop your ‘Self’ into a leader in combination with your leadership skills. Join in on Twitter and Instagram  … @glennpwallis … see you there! 

Photo: Clevedon Films.