In order to get you back on track quickly, you will need to be fully available for the work: Both during and after the sessions. The former will require a readiness to focus and be open. The latter needs you to go and do the work that emerges from our conversations.

I only work with 4 new elite sports people per quarter. Typically, we’ll work together for 6 months then you are good to go.

The experience

Initially, I’ll undertake a diagnostic process with you and key personnel in your group that will provide you with comprehensive insights. This report is often an eye-opener: both positive and energising but can also provide some surprises.

This report is the base from which we can work.

It is the point when you make your first investment. Typically, Phase 1 requires an investment of £1,950 (+VAT)

Phase 2 is the work itself. It may include observation of you training and competing. It is also where we get to make quick progress back to you being your mindset best .. or better. A total of 8 x Zoom sessions of 90 minutes, over max 6 months.

Just so you know: your total Phase 2 investment for the 8 sessions, which are aimed at getting you back to where you need to be, varies based on the amount of observation and travel etc but will be in the region of £6,000 (+VAT, travel etc.)