A brief bio

Dr Glenn P Wallis is one of the few people in the world with a professional Doctorate in Coaching and Mentoring. As you can tell he takes his job very seriously and is committed to helping leaders develop but those who know him would recognise that he doesn’t take himself too seriously (if at all!).

He has co-authored a book with his long-time friend and colleague, David Pilbeam that helps people new into the workplace have a formula to help them know what to focus on, in order to thrive at work. A second book will be published in mid-2018 that provides easily accessible advice and guidance for senior leaders.

A former Judo International, who represented Great Britain at European and World Championships, Glenn understands high performance and this is reflected in much of his work, his keynote speaking and the attitude he carries towards success.

Glenn is happily married and has two grown up children. They all live in London, UK.

LinkedIn holds a fuller profile and a CV for Glenn can be provided on request, just contact us here.

For more details please call: 020 8334 4798

Photo: A Flat White Coffee … for the connoisseur ;-))