About Glenn P Wallis

Glenn P Wallis was founded by Dr Glenn Wallis.

A renowned international coach of leaders and executives, Glenn is one of the world’s very few Doctors of Coaching and Mentoring. A leading authority on coaching, he is also an author and keynote speaker on all aspects of leadership development.

Glenn founded the Glenn P Wallis consultancy, recognising the growing need for high quality, professional coaching for leaders at all levels of seniority. Glenn P Wallis is underpinned by an empirical academic approach with proven results for both leaders and their organisations.

Our Mission and Values:

HR professionals strive to support leaders and teams experiencing the uncertainty of change. At Glenn P Wallis we inspire thoughtful leaders to excel during key moments of personal and organisational transition, so that they lead themselves and others to better productivity, increased engagement and positive wellbeing.

At Glenn P Wallis, we have a singular mission. Our aim is:

To inspire thoughtful leaders to excel through key moments of personal and organisational change. 

We do this through the consistent application of our values:

We believe fundamentally in providing best advice for our clients. We will always do the right thing, not the easy thing.

We are ambitious for our clients, their organisations and for Glenn P Wallis. We set high expectations and always seek to maximise potential.

We believe in evidence-based, qualified coaching and development. Our solutions deliver measurable impact for leaders and their organisations.

We recognise the pressures of the modern workplace. We’ll always look for a solution that is flexible and accounts for the real world.

We recognise that technology will play an increasing part in coaching and leadership development. We’re investing in new solutions which embrace this bold future.